Services list

Sales Strategy
  • Our experts will delve into your company's journey, product or services, business model, and ongoing initiatives.We'll help to uncover your strengths, ICP and distinctive value proposition as we craft a Strategic Positioning Document and a comprehensive business development strategy with a detailed implementation plan.
  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • Once you have a plan, get a team of specialists to execute it by expanding the customer base, making outbound multichannel outreach,  nurturing prospects through the sales funnel, and ultimately driving conversions about cooperation. Later on, your efforts will be instrumental for successfully concluding the deal.
  • Full-cycle Sales
  • End-to-end sales management is made effortless with our dedicated team. Delegate all sales initiatives and witness the influx of new contracts. Allow us to craft every aspect of the process – from engaging potential customers and understanding their needs to guiding them through the sales funnel, addressing concerns, and winning the deal.
  • Sales Consulting
  • Get the help of external experts to optimize and amplify the impact of your sales initiatives. Embracing the insights and experience from outside can be instrumental in enhancing the overall effectiveness of your sales strategies. By incorporating the diverse viewpoints and specialized knowledge of external experts, you empower your sales efforts with a broader spectrum of expertise, ensuring a more comprehensive and successful approach to achieving your business objectives.
  • Sales Audit
  • Facing challenges in generating sufficient sales for your business growth? Conducting a thorough sales audit offers an unbiased and all-encompassing assessment of your company's sales processes, strategies, and overall performance.Uncover areas for improvement through a strategic evaluation of your sales practices.
  • Hire a business development manager
  • A single dedicated expert with the selection of  time commitment - no side expenses on recruiting, training, perks, office space, PTO etc. He will collaborate directly with your team under your management, ensuring seamless communication, efficient strategy implementation, and KPI achievement.
  • Positioning workshop
  • For startups and companies without an established market presence, we suggest beginning with a positioning workshop. This workshop serves to clarify business identity, understand the target audience, analyze the competitive landscape, and differentiate from competitors. It should form the foundation for all your marketing and sales activities.